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     6. The World torch of human rights




Decision of the Participants of the Worldwide Human Rights Torch Relay-Race in Vilnius, Lithuania

Massacre, Repressions and Genocide – all this are the Consequences of Communism
Square of Archicathedral Basilica, Vilnius, Lithuania September 24, 2007

     Olympics are the feast of sports and peace. Olympic Games are held in a friendly environment, in the spirit of mutual understanding and serve the society and the state.
     In 1980, the Olympic Games were held in the citadel of Communism, USSR capital Moscow. The Olympic Games 2008 are entitled to be organised by the People’s Republic of China in Beijing and Olympics 2014 in the Russian city of Sochi.
     The USSR, Russia and China are exploiting the Olympics for their own political, economical and ideological purposes.
     Lenin is responsible for the murder of about 13 million people, Stalin for about 30 million and Hitler for about 12 million. Chinese Communist Party murdered about 70-80 million people, 65 million out of which by Mao alone. Since December 11, 1994 Russia has killed 250 thousand Chechens. Since Tibet occupation in 1959, China has killed about 1.2 million Tibetans.




     We all know how China authorities murdered, crippled and violated students in the Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989.




     The International Olympic Games Committee still has not received, either from Russia or China leaders, governments and their ruling parties, any commitments to stop murders and repressions and to suspend them forever.
     We, participants of the Worldwide Human Rights Torch Relay-Race in Vilnius, Lithuania:
     Do keep a high profile of all the good-will people that China and Russia, apologists of Communism, are executing massacre, repressions and genocide and call for these states to abandon killing of people.
     Urge China authorities to restore Independence of Tibet and Russian authorities to restore Independence of Chechen Republic Ichkeria till January 1, 2008 as well as to withdraw their troops and to make restitution.
     We pray His Majesty asking for peace and blessing.
     On behalf of the participants of the Worldwide Human Rights Torch Relay-Race in Vilnius, Lithuania:

Monsignor A.Svarinskas, The Chaplain of Lithuanian Partisans
Resistant Sister N.Sadunaitė
O.Voveriene, Chairman of Lithuanian Women League
J.Burokas, Chairman of the Board of Lithuanian Freedom Fighters Union
P.Gvazdauskas, Chairman of Political Prisoners and Exiles Union Vilnius Committee
V.Bartašiunas, Chairman of Army Founders Volunteers Central Board
A.Gutauskas, Chairman of Political Prisoners and Exiles Communion Council
M.Nefas, member of expedition by the routes of ancestors’ sufferings “Mission Siberia”
A.Dudajeva, vice-minister of Culture of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
G.Druckus, Chairman of Lithuanian Tibet Culture Foundation
L.Kerosierius, Chairman of Lithuanian Sajudis Vilnius City Council
Contact persons:
A.Budriunas, Sajudis, Gedimino ave.1, Vilnius, Lithuania, +370 673 95837 ; e-mail: a.budriunas@takas.lt
L.Kerosierius +370 5 231 81 11 ; e-mail: leonaske@takas.lt
P.Rutkauskas +370 699 37691 ; e-mail: paulrtk@gmail.com
V.Kubilius +370 625 94592 ; e-mail: v.kubilius@k.st




     Worldwide Human Rights Torch Relay-Race in Siauliai









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