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     3. To the People of good will  

To the FIGHTERS for the PEACE and the MEMBERS of the emancipation movements
Rise against the genocide in Chechenya




We were born at night when the She-wolf whelped.
In the morning, under lions’ howl we were given our names.
In eagles’ nests our Mothers nursed us,
To tame bulls our Fathers taught us.

To people and Native Land we were devoted by our Mothers,
And if they need us – we’ll bravely rise.
We grew up free, together with the mountain eagles,
Difficulties and obstacles we overcame with dignity.

Granite rocks will sooner melt like lead,
Than we shall lose our nobility in life and struggle.
The Earth will sooner be breached in the burning Sun,
Than we will be entombed in soil, our honour lost.

Never we’ll appear submissive before anybody,
Death or Freedom – we can choose only one way.
Our Sisters cure our wounds with their songs,
The eyes of beloved raise us to the feat of arms.

If hunger gets us down – we’ll gnaw the roots.
If thirst takes over us – we’ll drink the grass dew.
We were born at night when the She-wolf whelped.
Nation, Native Land and God, - we serve them only.




     On 6 September 1991, on the grounds of the Declaration of Independence of the Chechen-Ingushi Republic (CIR) of 27 November 1990 and Law on amendments in the Constitution of the Chechen-Ingushi Soviet Social Republic of 12 June 1991, the Supreme Soviet of CIR voluntary stepped down from the office.
     During the 3 National Congress in September 1991, it approved (97.3 per cent) the decision of the Supreme Soviet of CIR and independence of the Chechen Republic. During the same session of the Congress, was elected the Legislative Branch “Temporary Council” from deputies of all levels of the USSR, RSFSR, and CIR in order to prepare and adopt the fundamental acts of law: the Constitution of CR, the Electoral Law, the Law on Citizenship, the Law on President’s and Parliament’s activity, the Law on Referendum, the Regulations on Central Election Committee. The day of 6 September is considered to be a red-letter day of reestablishment of independence of the CIR. On the same day the Chechen nation gave to the Ingushi nation a right to choose its own way of development and an opportunity to have their own independent state.
     On 12 May 1997, in Moscow, presidents of CIR and RF A. Maschadov and B. Yeltsin signed a Peace and Principles of relations Treaty which made provisions for the solution of disputable matters solely in a peaceful way in accordance with the principles of norms of the international law.
     The Peace and Principles of relations Treaty between the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.

     Willing to stop the centuries-long opposition, the high negotiating parties in attempt to establish stable, equal and mutually advantageous relations agreed on following:

     1. Once for all desist from the use and threat of the use of military force when solving any disputable matters.
     2. To build their relationships in accordance with the universally acknowledged principles and norms of the international law. As this takes place, the parties shall cooperate in the fields defined by certain agreements.
     3. The treaty shall be the base for conclusion of the future agreements and treaties covering the whole range of relationships.
     4. The agreement was concluded in two copies having equal legal force.
     5. The present agreement shall be valid on the day of its signature.

Moscow, 12 May 1997.

      The Peace and Principles of relations Treaty signed in Moscow on 12 May 1997 between the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria was archly violated by the State of Russia in unilateral manner. In concordance with the clause 3 of the present Agreement the relations between two states were to be built in accordance with the principles and norms of the international law. This fundamental clause of the document was actually completely ignored by military-political leadership of the Russian Federation. Since the Caucasian War of 1830-1859 Chechens have not forgotten how the leadership of the Russian Empire traitorously and meanly violated the documents signed by them. And here we can remember again the words of the famous politician, ex-Prime Minister of Britain W. Churchill who said about Russia the following words: "The treaty signed with Russia is not worth the paper on which it is written" W. Churchill was absolutely right when was saying these historical words.


Have you ever seen the death
Wrapped in a weapon?
Have you ever seen the death
From a fighter aircraft?

Therefore we know how
Around the table UN, NATO, OSCE
Kings, Presidents, Premiers, Diplomats,
Giving out the indulgences of Empire of Russia,
Have started silent bullets.

13 years without day-offs,
Hatred, insults and psychological attacks,
Bullets, mines, poison, shells, bombs and daggers
Under a command of Russian Presidents and Generals
Bear death to Earth of Nochtchi - Nochtchiicho.

Kings, Presidents, Premiers
Lift a toast
Which in front of humiliated people
Turns to blood.

Damn you named the Great!
More terrible you
Are than the soldiers sent on fight!
People, heroes
Will dump shackles of slavery!

And then on Victory Square
Over a monument to HEROES
Flags lowered a little
Will immortalize the heroism of people.

Leonas Kerosierius 30/12/2007

Alla Dudaeva’s letter of December 22nd, 2007


Whole Europe like in a fairy tale,
Christmas is coming!
Under the bright snows
The ice sparkles as glass.
Multi-coloured bridges
Are reflected in show-windows
And fireworks as paradise flowers
Blow up in the sky.
Ladies languidly walk
Dressed up in furs,
And misters sit down
In limousines by them.
How warm it is in rich houses!
And there is a gasoline in cars
From the Chechen Republic,
Where oil is made, and
Blood flows under a limousine...
My heart is in the Caucasus,
Where the damp wind from mountains,
Hasn’t found the Vainakh tower,
Because the sapper has burst it up.
Has not found also an old small house
Near a wood at the river,
Where old men sat
On the steps every evening.
Has not found a cherry garden,
And has found no streets,
Only the coast and tops
Of ancient mountains was familiar.
The charred wood shook,
And mad waves bore
Stuff and debris
On a bend of the river.







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