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     13. The murder of President Dzokhar Dudayev




To: Secretary-General of the United Nations Pan Gi Mun
NATO Secretary General Jan de Choop Scheffer
President of European Parliament Hans-Gert Piottering
President of Parliamentary Assembly of European Council Luis Marija de Puig
Chairman of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Aleksander Stabb
President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin
President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus

of the members of the meeting at the Embassy
of the Russian Federation

Freedom to Chechenya
12 years since the murder of President Dzokhar Dudayev

Vilnius 21-04-2008
If we walking the streets of Vilnius, Washington, Paris, London, Moscow, Delhi or…Peking saw a man who is being beaten, who is on fire or is drowning – we would save him; If we noticed a gang attacking local residents – we would immediately call the police and defend them; if we noticed an attack of armed soldiers and massive use of combatant technologies – we would ring all the bells of danger, notify all the world and go to protect the Homeland.

13 years without day-offs,
Hatred, insults and psychological attacks,
Bullets, mines, poison, shells, bombs and daggers
Under a command of Russian Presidents and Generals
Bear death to Earth of Nochtchi - Nochtchiicho.

Russia is committing genocide against and independent state – the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. In the year 1994, Russian started a colonial war; there were approximately 250 thousand of peaceful citizens killed. Chechnya suffered USD 300 billion of material damage. President Dzokhar Dudayev was killed perfidiously on 21 April 1996.
Chechnya has become for the Kremlin not only a challenging firing ground for soldiers and ideological technologies. However, they have not managed to break down the Chechens.
To be able to justify their emasculation and aggression, the propaganda by the Kremlin spreads the myth about a powerful enemy, the war with which costs a lot. They call the Chechens as terrorists and the mass media of Russia announce for the whole world that Russia fights against terrorism. Whether children, women, old people and buildings of cultural and historical heritage, residential foundation, earth and animals are instruments and objects of terrorism?
The international shelter is created for aggressor and torturers. The biggest and the most important institutions of the world do not repress the aggressor and allow the Kremlin to execute totally the genocide in Chechnya.

We are requiring:

1. To give independence to the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.
2. To pull the Russian army out of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and to cover damages incurred.
3. For Russia to observe the provisions of the peace treaty signed between Presidents Yelcin and Maschadov on 12 May 1997.
4. To judge the authorities of Russia in the International Tribunal.

We invite states and all people of good will to provide the support in every moral and material way possible.
We identify ourselves together with the Chechen people and take a huge compassion for it.
We ask for the help by the God.

In the name of meeting participants:

Monsignor A. Svarinskas, Chaplain of Lithuanian Partisans,
A. Dudajeva, widow of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria,
Nun N. Sadūnaitė, Fighter for Freedom,
R. Kupčinskas, Chairman of Lithuanian Reform Movement Council,
L. Kerosierius, Chairman of Vilnius Reform Movement Council.

Contact information: A. Budriunas, Gedimino ave. 1, Vilnius, Lithuania, telephone: +370 673 95 837;
L. Kerosierius, telephone: + 370 5 231 81 11, e-mail: leonaske@takas.lt














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