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     On the Preservation of Independence and Territorial Integrity of Ukraine

Vilnius, August 24, 2015
     We, the supporters of the Independence of Ukraine, expressing our utmost respect to the state of Ukraine coming from the depth of centuries, having gathered outside the Ukrainian Embassy in Vilnius on August 24, 2015 to celebrate the Independence Day of Ukraine, hereby
     REMIND you that Ukraine has made a valuable contribution to the prosperity of Europe by its culture, religion and defence;
     CONGRATULATE the people of Ukraine on the occasion of the Independence Day and wish them endurance, health and luck;
     CONCLUDE that Soviet Bolshevism, Communism and Russian militarism have inflicted massive damage on Ukraine;
     NOTE that Russia, following its military doctrine, using its military potential and imposing its aggression, seeks to influence Ukraine’s Independence;
     ASSERT that the occupation of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk violates international treaties on the international status of the state of Ukraine and the inviolability of its frontiers;
     STATE that the President of Russia and Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Vladimir Putin bears a direct responsibility for the military actions on the territory of Ukraine;
     HIGHLIGHT that an immense number of victims have already been sacrificed on the altar of Ukraine’s Independence;
     DEMAND Russia to withdraw its army from the occupied territories of Ukraine immediately and to compensate the damage inflicted;
     REQUEST the President of Russia to give politically unnecessary food to the starving children of the world in case there are no such children in Russia. The destruction of food is a sin.
     INVITE the world to help Ukraine;
     CALL on you to take action and to bring Russia to justice through the International Tribunal.

The address is signed on behalf of the gathered by:

Leonas Kerosierius
Regina Jakučiūnienė
Lidija Cholceva
Hubertas Martinkėnas

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