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16 November 2001,Vilnius

We grew up free, together with the mountain eagles,
Difficulties and obstacles we overcame with dignity.
     Granite rocks will sooner melt like lead,
     Than we shall lose our nobility in life and struggle,
     The Earth will sooner be breached in the burning Sun,
     Than we will be entombed in soil, our honour lost.
Never we’ll appear submissive before anybody,
Death of Freedom – we can choose only one way.
     Extract from the national anthem of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria DEATH or FREEDOM

     On June 12-14, 2000, the International Congress on the Evaluation of the Crimes of Communism, the first congress of this kind ever held in the world history, was organized in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Representatives from 24 countries attended it and established the International Vilnius Public Tribunal entitled by many people as “Nuremberg – 2”. The Congress assigned the Tribunal to make legal, political and social evaluation of the Communist ideology and the crimes committed by the Communist regimes. The Tribunal was held in two sessions that took place on June 12-14 and September 4-8, 2000. The indictments of the representatives from 15 countries were presented. The Tribunal pronounced the Judgment on September 27, 2000.


     The Chairman of the International Vilnius Public Tribunal Vytautas Zabiela calls the prosecutors, victims and the witnesses to speak. They witness the Communist policy, perpetrated crimes and damage; condemn the Communist ideology and its actions against humanity and demand to denounce and punish the criminals, so that this would never and nowhere repeat itself again.
     September the 4th. Dead silence in the Conference Hall of the Parliament of Lithuania. There is a young woman, her appearance reminding a literature and movie heroine from southeastern countries, standing in the tribune. She is Aminat Saijeva, the Ambassador of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria to Lithuania.

     Honorable Judges of the Tribunal, participants and the attendance,
     Dear Ladies and Gentlemen - applyed A. Saijeva

     In October 1917 the humanity witnessed an unprecedented historical event – the communist party came to dominate in the great empire of Russia.
     The Communist crimes against the nation of Chechnya are of certain peculiarity in regard with the continuous fight of Chechnya people for the freedom and independence which was lost in 1895 after the hundred year war, only 116 thousand out of 3 million Chechnya people having survived. The nation of Chechnya, however, never accepted the colonization and rose revolts every 10 years.
     The February events of the year 1917 in Russia became a continuation of the liberation struggle of the Chechnya nation from colonialism. The same year on the initiative of Chechnya an independent United Gorskaya Republic of seven countries in the northern Caucasus was established. The Republic comprised seven territories: Abkhazia, Adygea, Dagestan, Kabardy, Karachai-Balkaria, Ossetia and Chechen-Ingushetia.
     In 1918 Russia used treachery and force to subdue the Gorskaya Republic and made Chechnya a part of the Soviet Communist-totalitarian empire. In 1922 in Chechnya a nationwide revolt flared up – the Chechens rallied their struggle for independence. With that the Communist Moscow launched an atrocious terror against the nation of Chechnya. In 1928-1932 national rebellions again rise in Chechnya. About 35 % of Chechnya nation was decimated during the period 1920-1940. The Communists called it the fight with the national enemy, kulak-counterrevolutionary elements and reactionary clergy, which included all elderly and respectful Chechens.
     On February 23-25, 1944 more than 250 thousand Chechnya and Ingushetia people were exiled to Kazakhstan, Siberia and Central Asia. This premeditated operation was performed by 200 thousand of NKVD (People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs; Rus. Narodny komissariat vnutrennikh del) and Red Army soldiers and officers (i.e. one torturer equates two and a half Chechens). During the deportation the Chechens were being fusilladed, exlpoded, bayoneted, drowned, burnt and poisoned. About 12 thousand people were killed during one day of deportation. During 13 years of exile (until the year 1957) about 70 % of Chechnya and Ingushetia people were exterminated. These atrocities were perpetrated not by some Fascists, but by the fellow citizens – Communists, Checists, Red Army soldiers formally in their own country and against their own nation. Felonious Communist regime had planned everlasting exile of Chechnya and Ingushetia nations. Those who remained alive suffered most severe moral and physical outrage.
     According to socio-economic indices of living standards, by the year 1990 Chechnya-Ingushetia occupied the last, seventy-third place among all the former subjects of the USSR. And one should also take into account that every year 15-25 million tons of highest-quality oil were pumped from the entrails of the Chechen land, and a giant industry-and-energy complex operated in the country. However, the products were sent to Russia and other countries.
     The process of democratization, which began at the end of the eighties in the former USSR, gave the Chechens hope for a better future. During that period spiritual rise of the Chechen nation and strive towards the restoration of independence began.
     On 1 November 1991 the Chechnya nation and the new democratic government formally announced the restoration of the sovereign Chechen State. Everything was performed peacefully in regard to international law requirements.
     During the first stages Russia consented to the independence of Chechnya. The Russian troops were pulled out of the country in June 1992. However, the existing Russian syndrome of great-power chauvinism and totalitarianism at first lead to an attempt to destroy Chechnya with political, economic, financial isolation and blockade, and when those measures failed, then in December 1994 Russia waged a wild-scale war against the Chechen Republic, which lasted for two years and 120 thousand civilians were killed, i.e. about 12,5 % of the inhabitants. About 400 thousand people became refugees (more than 30 % of total), 74 thousand people, 19 thousand being children, became handicapped, 12 thousand children were orphaned. The economy was destroyed, 80 % of infrastructure, museums, libraries and institutions of higher education were completely destructed.
     Russia did not perform any active military actions for almost three years, but the Moscow authority used all the methods to instigate an internal conflict in Chechnya. The special services of Russia carried out numerous provocations against the Chechen nation and the leadership of the Republic. However, when those measures failed, there were purposefully incited events in Dagestan in 1999. After that the Russian authorities blamed the Chechen leadership and the whole Chechen nation for the aggression and international terrorism.
     Although on 12 May 1997 the presidents of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and Russian Federation had signed a Peace Treaty which ended the discords of 400 years, and ensured the future relations to be based on international law, the special services Russia of and the collaborating propaganda were gearing up for the new war.
     In September 1999 the world again became a witness to the next aggression perpetrated against the Chechen nation and the independence of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. 50 thousand people were killed in 1999-2000. The Russian air and land forces ruined the towns and villages, destructed infrastructure, economy, historical heritage and upset the ecological balance. About 20 filtration camps, also known as death factories were established. All the Chechen people became refugees, what is unprecedented in the world history. Contagious diseases have spread around the country, people died of famine and unsanitary living conditions. More than 80 thousand soldiers performed military operations, plundered, burnt and massacred the civilians, including women and children, tortured in most atrocious manners, raped women. (At the end of the year 2001 Aminat Saijeva informed that the military actions have been proceeded for four years already and are still continued. Since the beginning of the war, on 11 December in 1994 about 250 thousand people have been killed and about 526 thousand people have been injured. The Russian armed forces have laid more than 500 thousand land mines, used arms prohibited by international conventions and also experimented with the chemical weapon. Russian officers and soldiers have seized about 75 % of the humanitarian aid provided by the international organizations. The material damage done during the 1994-1996 war amounts about 260 billion US dollars. Only 220 thousand out of 1 500 thousand people in 1994 live in Chechnya at the moment. The quantity of the Russian officers and soldiers is between 80 and 150 thousand.)
In all the territory of Russia the Chechens are being persecuted according to national features, arrested, tried for fictitious reasons, and penned in without any trial or an investigation.
High officials of Russia call it a fight with criminal groups and terrorists.
     These crimes of the Communist regime have a legal definition – genocide. However, unlike the Fascist regime the Stalinist-communist and present genocide has not yet been condemned, its perpetrators not punished and the outcomes not eliminated. The Communist and post-Communist regimes of Russia have been intending and still try to decimate the Chechen nation morally.
     In the name of general human values and justice, the innocent people and nations massacred must the Communist regime be denounced and its perpetrators – punished.
Such were some points made by Ms. Aminat Saijeva in her indictment speech, which lasted for almost an hour.
     Some points from the operative part of the JUDGEMENT of the International Vilnius Public Tribunal:
     1. To call public attention to the continual war crimes and the heinous crimes against peace and humanity (genocide). The world community, the leaders of the big nations in particular, have been indifferent to the killings of millions of innocent people.
     6. The International Public Tribunal in Vilnius perceives the war in Chechnya as produced by the continuing amalgamation of Russian imperialism and the former Communist doctrine, which has led to and obvious genocide of the Chechen people.
     14. The Judgment of the International Public Tribunal in Vilnius and the evidence collected must be submitted to an international criminal trial under the auspices of the United Nations.


     The Communist regime torturers, their handymen, henchmen and collaborators decimated more than 100 million people. Lenin killed 13 million people, Stalin – 30 million, Mao – 65 million, Chaushesku – 0,3 million, Pol Pot – 3 million. The humanity suffered vast moral, cultural, ethnical and material losses.
Under the veil of class struggle mechanism, proletariat protection and fight with “bourgeois nationalists” most atrocious massacres, deportations, pillages, abuse, violence were perpetrated and conflicts between people were instigated. As a subsequence of these event is unleashed the II World War which has shaken the world to its foundations. The Communist regime was getting stronger, the outcomes becoming more intense and more atrocious.
     In 1991 Hussein was repressed for Kuwait occupation. Miloshevich was committed for international Tribunal in Hague for the genocide perpetrated against Albanians, Serbs, Bosnians and Croatians. However, no respective actions have been taken regarding the genocide of Chechens, Ingushetia people and Tibetans. We should consider that Chinese decimated about 1 500 thousand Tibetans, i.e. every fifth citizen. Almost the whole nation has been deported. Then let us assume that if Chinese were murdered at the same rate the victims would amount to about 250 million people.
     The Communists had been perpetrating the genocide of Lithuanians for fifty years. The Lithuanian nation lost one third of its 3 million population; the material damage totaling 278 billion US dollars.
The outcomes would be difficult to imagine if Russians were decimated in the same manner they have been acting in Chechnya.
     Hitler massacred about 12 million people. The Fascist regime had been put on trial in Nuremberg, where an objective evaluation was made and a harsh judgment was passed.
     Having a record of much grander crimes, the Communist regime has escaped international trial and now continues to act in different shapes.
     The soldiers, clergymen, doctors and officials that had acted in battles and expeditions in 1857-1859 were acknowledged with the medal of the Russian emperor Alexander II “For Conquering Dagestan and Chechnya”. 147 thousand medals were made from silver. Ipso facto, the Emperor himself confirmed that Chechnya had never been the territory of Russia. I believe that the Communists of the USSR have rewarded many more torturers for decimating Chechnya and Ingushetia people than the Emperor Alexander II had. So acts and the present nomenclature of Russia. Even the actions of the Russian Patriarch Aleksij II, are a matter of great concern since His Excellency conferred ecclesiastical decorations on the torturers of Chechens and blessed them to the war.
     The ex-president of Russia Boris Yeltzin appointed the KGB colonel Vladimir Putin a prime minister and assigned him to “restore order” in Chechnya. The Russian people elected him a president for his “exploits” in Chechnya. Putin claims and confirms to all the world that Russia is fighting against terrorists. The leaderships of Russia state the idea that Chechnya is the constituent part of the Russian Federation. However, no country can be found in the world that would make its administrative unit a field of military actions and would destroy everything and everyone there. Russians are performing more brutal actions in Chechnya than the Fascist did in Leningrad, or Chinese in Tibet, Miloshevich in Kosov, or Hussein in Kuwait. Is it that the great authorities of the world do not distinguish between Russia performing such acts as burning of the soil, massacre of people as well as deportation policy and between the terrorist sorties? Can the feeble geriatrics, women, children and the unborn act as terrorists, and land, livestock, water, cultural heritage and residences be the tools of terrorism? Is the four-year lasting occupation and ravage of Chechnya, most atrocious tortures and massacre perpetrated by the centi-thousand armed forces against civilians an element of the fight against terrorism?
     Consequently, Russia is a terrorist itself. Its politics has always been based on occupational doctrines.
     The world is anxious. However, the leaderships of the most powerful countries have been silent so far. The explanations of Russia as fighting against terrorism obviously satisfy somebody. Such is the subservient and mutual policy of the mighty powers of the world. Evidently, the principles of world division and predatory attitudes have not vanished yet. Such policy justifies all the means and projects the outcomes.
     Does the world apply the value scale when assessing the events and outcomes, victims and torturers? The locution saying that the one is right who possesses most privileges, power and money is still likely to dominate.
     The terrorist actions of September 11, 2001 destroyed two skyscrapers and damaged Pentagon. About 5 thousand people were killed; huge material harm was done. The world countries condemned the terrorist organizers, the perpetrators and launched the anti-terrorist campaign.
     Many surely know that forces of hundred thousands of murderers are being formed in Russia and the instructions telling to kill the Chechen are given in Moscow-Kremlin.
     Is the Russian governmental terrorism going to be covered much further? Will the world unite to evaluate the outcomes of the Russian genocide against Chechen nation? Will the tragedy and pain of others, such as Chechnya and Tibet ever be perceived the same way as was perceived the terror in America?
     The Dragon Feast continues. The great countries and their leaderships do not express their position regarding the genocide of Chechen. On one hand, they are criminals too, on the other, they are probably afraid and avoid any interference. This is how are perpetrated international crimes, the name and result of which are – DEATH. The future will show if emerges in the world a power able to countervail those DRAGONS.


     On January 1995 the President Djohar Dudajev appoint Ms. Aminat Saijeva the representative of Chechnya to Lithuania. On June 1997 the President Aslan Mashadov accredited her the Ambassador to Lithuania.
     In Lithuania she represents a northern Caucasus state, the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria with area is 17,5 thousand sq. km, capital – Djohargala and population in 1994 amounting to 1 500 thousand people, but now …?
     Compared to other accredited Embassies of foreign states in Lithuania Saijeva is the only one not yet accredited. The union of world states has not yet recognized the independence of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. Aminat Saijeva authorized by the President of Chechnya and she performs actions based on sociability principles. However, this work and influence is of great significance to her country and union of democratic states.
     The Ambassador Saijeva is not applied general regulations and statutes of intercourse, audience, diplomatic immunity nor protocol requirements. During the four-year term of his office the President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus and the Presidency have not expressed a wish to meet Ms. Saijeva. Neither the chairman of the Parliament Arturas Paulauskas declaring a statement “that we have deserved a better life, and we care of a single person” nor the Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas, the former first secretary of the Lithuanian Communist Party and then the social democrat, saying for equality and fraternity of nations, saw it necessary to meet Aminat Saijeva. The present leaders of Government and Parliament distance from her, whereas the same leaders meet representatives of different states, people of diverse backgrounds and solve various problems. I would not be able to explain this phenomenon. What I am positive about is that the same high officials have not made any significant input into the fights for restoration and protection of independence, nor have they called people to defend the independence; and they did not have to blood for the independence. They only use and exploit this independence.
     Many Lithuanians support the Chechens and their fight for independence. The supporters organize meetings, conferences, lectures, pickets and demonstrations of protest at the entrance to the Embassy of Russia. Those people submit resolutions adopted to the United Nations Organization, European Parliament, Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council, European Security and Collaboration Organization, European Union, leaders of Lithuania and the Great Powers as well as to the Embassies of foreign countries to Lithuania.
     The most active supporters are the former partisans (they are the phenomenon of freedom fights, as having fought against the establishment of Communist regime in Lithuania for ten years since 1944 and lost about 20 thousand people), former political prisoners, deportees and participants of “Sajudis”, the revolutionary movement for independence restoration in 1990. Grand academicians, professors, personalities of science and art, former participants of freedom fights, students and other people meet the Ambassador Saijeva as she is considered a participant of freedom fights of the heroic nation, the Ambassador of the state which is under destruction. Lithuanian people do not know any other politician so close than Aminat Saijeva and address her by name. Ms. Saijeva also meets high officials of many countries and international organizations.
     Her means of fight are politics and public activities. The Ambassador is very much armed with love for her motherland and respect to the oppressed. At first sight she is no more than an ordinary, modest Vilnius citizen walking around the town, going also by busses and trolleybuses. As well as her country she is poor. Many could envy her diligence and strength. However, she does not envy the servants of the foreign embassies their prestigious places of work and living conditions. Ms. Saijeva is persistent even if high officials ignore her. Being noble, calm, reserved and considerate as the ancient oracles, she knows her mission, the heart cry, her nation’s strive and the basics of politics. The Ambassador is grateful for Lithuanian people for the respecting and supporting her nation.
     I do not know how many people had a chance to see Ms. Saijeva crying, but time from time the way she looked, wavering lips, changing intonation showed the sorrow and pain coming from the heart.
Many Lithuania people are grateful to Iceland for being the first in the world to recognize its independence. Therefore, they are concerned the government of Lithuania has not been able to recognize the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria DE JURE though Chechnya has been DE FACTO for ten years already. The action of Iceland opened the way for Lithuania towards the recognition of the independence and union of world nations, and stopped the Russian aggressors. If the world stated had supported Chechnya there would not be innocent people bleeding and heartbreaking screams and cries heard in the towns, villages, coombs, fields and mountains. The souls of the massacres float around us asking the God for help and blessing. Let us think about how the children of the Creator act.
A part of the heroic nation, Ms. Saijeva resides in the old Vilnius, which has always been significant symbol in the Lithuanian history and amazed the world when Lithuania forced it way out of the Communist regime. The Ambassador considers the ideals of politics and fights to be the President of Chechnya Djohar Dudayev, who was brutally murdered by Russians using the latest technologies of killing in 21 April 1996 and a Lithuanian, professor Vytautas Landsbergis.
     The day when Chechnya will commemorate the independence restoration is approaching. The flag at half-mast will hover above the INDEPENDENCE altar. The nation will pay tribute to the dead, the victims and the heroes. Ms. Aminat Saijeva, the only ambassador having been born in exile, in Kazakhstan and now working in Lithuania under the conditions of exile, will also be commemorated.
     On 7-8 December 2001 an International Conference on Peace in Chechnya will take place Lithuanian Academy of Science in Vilnius. The protest demonstration to remember the beginning of the Russian colonial war against Chechnya will be taking place at the entrance to the Embassy of Russia at 12 o’clock on 11 December. The attention of the world will be drawn to the genocide perpetrated against Chechens by Russia. The demonstration will seek to make Russia stop the war actions in Chechnya, keep to the Peace Treaty of 12 May 1997 and also compensate the damage.
     I participated in the International Congress on the Evaluation of the Crimes of Communism and denounced Communism in the International Vilnius Public Tribunal.
     This letter is intended to leaders of some countries, some organizations, newspaper offices, news, radio and television agencies.
     I would very much appreciate that at least a part of the ideas expressed here, sorrow and sad experience would reach your surroundings, your readers, radio and television audience.

I am grateful for this possibility and for your attention.
Merry coming Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
Peace, Health and Luck to You.
Let God bless you.

Respectfully yours,
Leonas Kerosierius
Supporter of the Independence of Chechnya
Erfurto 46-64, LT-2043 Vilnius , Lithuania, Tel.: + 370 2 318 111 , e-mail: leonaske@mail.lt

P.S. Should this letter or a part of it be published or anounced, I would very much like to receive a copy of it.


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